Life list

 I kind of dislike the term "bucket list."  I don't know why -maybe it's the imagery of a sloppy floor mopping bucket frozen over on my back deck (this actually exists...), or maybe it's the way it makes it sound like a list of things to check off "done it!" style to add to your cosmic resume.

I like the idea of a "life list" better - just stuff I really want to do in the next few years of my life.  Usually mine are about the way I want to feel - free, untethered, adventurous, brave, open, curious, intellectually creative, slightly uncomfortable in my surroundings. Over the years I've had a ton of dreams that have come true. These are the next set I'd love to make into my reality:

  • Ride a train through East Africa
  • Buy a condo in the city

  • Volkswagen Westfalia!

  • Work for National Geographic

  • Write a letter to the top three people who have inspired me most

  • Go to Newfoundland with Ky

  • Camp on the Alaska Marine Highway System

  • Track wild dogs

  • Read all books in the Avalon series

  • Sleep under the stars (no tent!!)

  • Take Ky to my childhood vacation spot in South Dakota

  • Learn to play the harmonica

  • Live for a year overseas

  • Become a visiting professor at a certain foreign university I love

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