Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life on the wrong side of the equation

What do you do when you've devoted your life to adventure and discovery and freedom and being open to new things, good things, getting 'away' for weekends and weeks and months and years... and then you find yourself in your 40's and you haven't built any real security and you think it's time to do that.  I love adventure, and I crave security.  I would love to have both. I feel the intense desire to find a balance between them, let them complement each other in my life.

When I read self help books, it seems like all of them are telling me to give adventure a try - as if parenting and growing for the first 40 years of my life was supposed to have been all about the opposite. Nesting? Settling? Safety? And, yes, security? 

But what if I have all that covered already? What if I already know how to take chances, let go, be free, seek adventure and live a life of discovery? What about those of us who find our equation tipped in the opposite direction? Where's the mid life manual that tells us how to seek commitment, find security, nest, settle?


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