Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fare thee well April! I kicked your butt and took at least one name.

--> Hello Goodbye April!!  <--

Only two weeks until Ky is home for the summer (ack!!!!) and, combined with the end of April, I’m feeling quite reflective today. Sometimes when I’m involved in working really hard for something and I haven’t QUITE made it a reality just yet, I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere. If that brass ring isn’t in my hand, I see it as a failure, regardless of how many inches closer to it I am this month than I was the one before.

To get away from this I’m going to try to remind myself of all the things I’ve pushed forward this month – even things that didn’t pan out perfectly (the 9999 ways to not make a lightbulb and all that…).

Left the least favorite of my two jobs! This has to get top billing.

  • Actually FINISHED, with excellent work ethic and grim determination – in a series of 60 hour work weeks – the work I had left at the least favorite job. Omg. Done.

  • Was offered enough solid work in my second job to take me through December in relative comfort! Woohoo!

  • Didn’t let the HUGE rejection I received to a program I’d been pretty much counting on get me down for long…

  • …but instead turned it into a different sort of opportunity that seems to be suiting my mind, my finances and my schedule even better than an acceptance might have.

  • Scheduled time with my old career transition coach for a tune up.

  • Registered for a super cool class this summer!

  • Reached out to (let me check) 12 different organizations that could move me forward in my (new, wannabe) field.

  • … and got positive feedback and even some offers from 3 of them (1 is especially exciting!)

  • Did a Tough Mudder --> Survived!!!!

  • Made a Mindmap of all of the intricate plans, thoughts, ideas and different potential avenues for the next 6 months of my life, all based on my core values.

  • Woke myself up in the middle of the night to write an email I had been dreading – I think I’m glad I did this.
  • Spent twice as much time with friends as I ever have – I know I’m glad I did this!

  • Put together all of my thoughts about getting myself career transition coached, and blogged about it.

  • Really took the time to connect to my child, my students, my family members and my friends  - without distraction or impatience.

  • Wrote 6 professional applications including the neverending coverletters, statements, philosophies and specific relevant experience descriptions – this is roughly equivalent to a full 40 hour work week in terms of man hours!

  • Ran 173 miles and enjoyed about 150 of them completely!

  • (listened to Harry Potter Audiobooks 6 – does this count????)

Actually there’s even more than this but I’m kind of shocked ----- I DID all of this in April?

Yup. (back pats all around)!

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