Monday, April 21, 2014

Life of this empty nester: Easter weekend edition


  • Volunteering with the Audubon Society:  Highly recommend!  It’s outside (win) and birds tend to nest in the spring in beautiful locations (win!) and it’s not only fun but really useful, too. And there’s nothing I love more than learning something new about the world.



  • Night running: I totally consider myself a morning person, but there’s something about running into the sunset, then finishing your cool down in the twilight of a twisting road through the woods. Creepy? Yes. Awesome? YES.



  • My secret vice: When I have to work on weekends or holidays (ie. all the time) I treat myself to a VENTI vanilla latte and and a favorite audiobook on my 1+ hour commute. Today’s audiobook?  Harry Potter 5: The Incredibly Annoying Teen Years.


  • Not pictured: the ten gazillion pictures of the cat I sent to Ky. I’m such a mom. “The cats miss you!” ---> “I miss the cats so much!!” 

[I’ve checked in with my students about this, and it appears I am not alone in communicating my parental emotions through the medium of the imagined emotional life of the cats. Evidence: my students can immediately access no less than 10 snapchat images of their dog/cat/long eared rabbit with shameless “Buster sends you kisses!” addendums from their parents, and they HAVE TAKEN SCREENSHOTS of them. True story.]

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